5 Best Prism Scope Review (Top Selling Products 2020)

A prism scope can sharpen your shot accuracy. But before buying a best prism scope, you need to look at those prism scopes available on the market. It will help you to understand what features do you need and what you can pass on the scope. So, here are the lists of top 5 prism scope available on the market:

top 5 Best Prism Scope Of 2020

#1st Rated

Vortex Optics Spitfire best 3x Prism Scope

  • Reticle: Glass etched
  • Distance: 500 yards
  • Magnification: 3x
#2nd Rated

Primary Arms Compact Prism rifle Scope

  • Reticle: BDC
  • Distance: 600 yards
  • Magnification: 3x
#3rd Rated

Burris 300178 AR best 5x Prism Scope

  • Reticle: Ballistic CQ
  • Distance: 600 yards
  • Magnification: 5x
#4th Rated

Monstrum S330P best budget prism scope

  • Compact yet heavy duty prism sight with 3x magnification and 30mm objective lens
  • Unlike red dots, the reticle is visible with or without illumination
  • Magnification: 3x
#5th Rated

UTG Compact Prismatic best Prism Scope

  • Reticle: Illumination Enhancing System for red/green dual-color
  • Distance: 100 yards
  • Magnification: 4x

Top 5 Best Prism Scopes on the Market Reviews

1. Vortex Optics Spitfire best 3x Prism Scope

Vortex Optics Spitfire 3X Prism Scope

The Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Prism Scope has 3X magnification. It will allow you both fast and close-range shots. Its design is based on the prism. This prism-based design allows for a compact optical system and it doesn't compromise with the picture quality of the target. The Vortex Optics Spitfire 3 X Prism scope can be used for tactical shooting or hunting. But it is not compatible with the VMX-3T Magnifier.

Again, the EBR-556B reticle is directly etched on the prism and it ensures you an effective point-of-aim consistently. The reticle used in this scope can be used without illumination. Just rotate the illumination dial to the left or right to activate the reticle illumination. The dial has red and green indicators which indicate 5 different levels of brightness. The Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Prism Scope has a fast-focus eyepiece. It provides a sharply focused reticle. If you want to set the reticle, follow these steps

  • Look through the scope
  • Turn the eyepiece focus dial in or out
  • Do it until you get the perfect clear image

The Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Prism Scope comes with anti-reflective coating. It helps to increase vision in low light. It allows you to find the target and have a crystal-clear image of the target.

Also, it has a shockproof construction. It is also waterproof and resists the fog as it is sealed with nitrogen.

It has an eye relief of 2.8 inches and field of view 31.5 feet or 100 yards.

The Vortex Optics Spitfire 3 X Scope requires one Lithium Metal battery and weighs 1.8 pounds.

You will get these accessories-

  • Picatinny Rails.
  • T-15 Torx Wrench.
  • 2mm Hex Wrench.
  • CR2032 battery.
  • Flip Caps

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2. Primary Arms SLxP2.5 Compact Prism rifle Scope

Primary Arms SLxP2.5 Compact 2.5x32 Prism Scope

If you are looking for alight weight, fast, both-eyes-open use at close range prism scope, then 2.5X Compact Prism Scope with ACSS CQB-M reticle will be the best for you. Again, with the low 2.5X magnification, has a bright illuminated reticle, it will allow you both the fast and close-range shots with both the eyes open simultaneously. Whereas, by using ACSS CQB-M reticle, you can easily shoot the target within 600 yards. Moreover, the ACSS CQB-M reticle can be used for both competition and hunting. Ranging, moving target leads and, wind leads are combined in ACSS 5.56 CQB-M reticle. It also has the BDC within 600 yards.

For close-quarters engagement, the external horseshoe of the glass etched reticle is utilized.  You need to just place the semi-circle on target and press the trigger. Both the sides of the horseshoe also has an integrated ranging system. You will have to set the base of the target on the bottom rung and range up. If you identify your targets that are 16 to 18 inches wide, they can be ranged on the side Auto Range system. You will see two dots in the inner horseshoe. These two dots offer the moving target lead moving.

Also, every step of the BDC system offers first hit percentage at any distance. You will not need any battery for the glass etched reticle.

If you need mounting flexibility, The PAC2.5X is the option for you. The PAC2.5X has thumbscrew 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny mount and can be replaced with any mount which accepts carry handle-type optics. Also, you can directly mount the 2.5x Prism Scope to a carry handle. It also offers a great magnification to hit at medium distance. If you want you can add an M1913 Picatinny rail also.

You will these accessories-

  • 1 x CR2032 3V Lithium Coin Battery
  • 1 x Pair of Flip Up Lens Covers
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 x PAC2.5X Manual

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3. Burris 300178 AR best 5x Prism Scope

Burris 300178 AR Prism Sight

It comes with matte black and made of aluminum. It has a 5X magnification, which makes it easier to find targets within 600 yards. Also, it has a 36mm objective and it makes the image brighter. You can use Burris 300178 AR Prism Sight for both close and long-range shooting. It also offers red, green and black illumination with 5 brightness settings.

Also, it is paired with the Burris' fast fire III reflex Red dot sight which increases the shooting speed and accuracy. This also makes aiming easier by removing the need to focus on and align the front sight, rear sight, and target.

Now, if we look at the structure of the scope, its length is 5.8 inches long, tube size is 36 mm and, weighs 1.26 pounds.

It requires 2 CR2 batteries which will be included.

This Burris 300178 AR Prism Sight is not heavy and very easy to use. If we talk about the price, it will be the best buy for you at the best price.

You will get this accessory-

  • Free FastFire 3 Red Dot Sight

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4. Monstrum S330P best budget prism scope

Monstrum S330P 3X Prism Scope

The Monstrum 3X Prism Scope is a heavy-duty and compact prism scope. It has a fixed 3x magnification and a 30mm objective lens. If you want a quick close-range to mid-range target within 300 yards, it will be the best for you. The Monstrum Tactical S330P uses a glass prism optical system. But in normal scope, you will see a refracting lens system is being used. This small change allows the Monstrum Tactical S330P to offer better image quality. Also, this clear image allows the user eye relief of 3.0"-3.5".

The prism optical system which is used in this scope has some unique features. You will get very bright and sharp images compare to other scopes. Also, it has 3-3.5 inch wide eye-relief; it enables you to shot the target with both eyes open. If you have a problem seeing through a traditional scope, the Monstrum 3X Prism Scope will be the best option for you.

It also has a simple dot reticle which helps you to rapidly find the target. It has also the feature of red and green illumination with multiple brightness levels. It has the full Muli-Layer lens coating, reduces the chromatic aberrations. As a result, you will get a crystal clear image.

It requires 1 Lithium-ion battery and weight is about 1.4 pounds. Again, if you want to use this scope for a shotgun, you can use it.

You will get these accessories-

  • Optional Flip-up Lens Covers
  • CR2032 3V battery (installed)

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5. UTG Compact Prismatic - best prism sight

UTG Compact Prismatic

Prismatic refraction Technology is used to increase light transmission and clarity in a compact and maneuverable size. The T4 Series 4X32 Prismatic Scopes has UTG's EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing (IE) System that offers a dual-color red and green mode and also a 36 color mode. It enables you to hit the target at any time of the day whether there is enough light or not. Again, the prism-based design is used here. It offers you a super-compact optical system.

It is built on the true strength platform. Also, the UTZ Compact Prismatic scopes are fully sealed and filled with nitrogen. These added elements make the scope shockproof, fog resistant, and also prevent the scope from rainwater decay. The TS platform is a signature scope construction platform. The TS guarantees both accurate and responsive windage adjustment.

Again, it has a fixed 4x magnification with a preset parallax at 100 yards, tube diameter of 34mm and, an objective diameter of 32mm.

The T-dot reticle is used for fast center mass and the T-zone aiming application is to get the shots on target quickly. The reticle has a single floating dot in the center. The aiming has three floating posts set at the dot’s 3, 6, and 9 O’clock positions. These posts enable you to find the target quickly whereas the single dot helps you to shoot the target accurately. However, the T4 series reticle does not rely on battery power for the reticle to function.

It has other features like multi Emerald coated lenses for maximum light transmission, glare prevention, and edge to edge clarity, Parallax preset at 100 yds. Also, Ez-tap red or green dual-color mode and 36 colors multi-color mode to accommodate all weather and light conditions with 1-click illumination memory.

You will get these accessories-

  • Scope Owners Manual
  • CR 1632 3V High Energy Lithium Battery X2
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Allen Wrench 4mm
  • Flip-open Lens Caps

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Some Question About Prism Sight

What is Prism Sight?

A prism sight is a hybrid of compact, scope and red dot. Also, it is very easy to use. In a prism sight, a red dot is put on your aim. By using a prism sight, you don't need to worry about eye relief. You can hold the gun in any position and focus on the red dot. The bullet will always hit the point where the red dot is. The only problem with the prism sight is that you cannot magnify the image.

How to Use It?

Prism sights are similar to traditional scopes but it is considered as a red dot sight. A prism sight uses a prism to focus on the light and the image.

It is a lightweight scope. A reflective prism is commonly used in a prism sight. Reflective prisms reflect light to flip, rotate, invert, deviate a beam of light. The reticle of prism sights is lighted as a red dot. Again, most of the prism sights have an etched glass reticle. Because of that, you can use your sight even when the battery is down.

To mount the spitfire, do the followings

-Loosen the cross bolt nut and attach the Spitfire to the rail or base

-Try to make that the recoil lug is solidly seated in the base groove

- Now check whether the mount fully engages the base or not

- Now, press the Spitfire down and forward and after that tighten and torque the cross bolt nut.

Do You Need Any Extra Attachments?

To install a prism sight in your gun, you’ll need some common accessories that might or might not come with the prism scope itself. The most common accessories that you’ll get with the prism scope are – Battery, Lens Cap, Wrench, Manual book, cleaning cloth, etc. Battery and the manual book is a must for you. Also, the lens cap or scope cover protects your scope lens from dust, moisture, etc and to clean your prism scopes, you can use cleaning cloth as well. So, you gotta have them too.

What to Consider before Buying a Prism Scope?


The Reticle helps you to shoot the target accurately. It is structured to line up your shot accurately with your aiming object. There are different types of reticles available in the market, for example, mil-dot, illuminated, BDC, etc. Many of the reticles available on the market can work on low light as well. That means you can use your reticle in low light or even when the sun is upon your head. You don’t need to worry about the light when you use this type of reticle. So, when you use a reticle, keep in mind what you need. It is recommended that you should buy those which can work on low light as well.


Material is an important factor in buying any item. Material that is used in a prism scope has an effect on the longevity of the scope. If a good or high-quality material is used in scope then chances are it will last longer. There are some high-quality aluminum like 6061-T6 or aircraft quality aluminum is available in the market. These are the strongest in the market you can get. Prism scopes that are made with these materials can survive drops, shock and, any kind of damage. So, before buying a prism scope, try to buy that prism scope which is made of 6061-T6 or aircraft quality aluminum.


While buying a prism scope, adjustments are also necessary to consider. The prism scope you are going to buy must have an adjustment for windage, elevation, and, parallax. It is also important to find adjustment where the knobs are not stiff. Some knobs will not move by your fingers. In this case, you can use a coin or a screwdriver to make accurate adjustments and when you think it is necessary. The easier the adjustments, it is better for you. So, before buying a prism scope check these things mentioned above.


The magnification is also very important. When you are out in the field for hunting and if you don’t have proper magnification, you will miss the target. Magnification levels can be varied from scope to scope. Some scope has 1 X magnification and other scope has 5 X or sometimes 6 X. So, before buying a prism scope, consider what amount of magnification you need and buy accordingly.


The lens is responsible for the prism scope’s clarity and brightness of the image. If you want the firearms with little recoil, close-range hunting and, low power scopes you should choose a 28 mm lens or higher. Again, if you want firearms with more recoil, low light hunting and, higher power scopes you should choose a 30-44 mm lens. But use 50 mm and higher lens when you need higher magnification in lower light and extreme long-range targets.


Some of the prism scopes don’t require a battery to illuminate the reticle. But in almost every scope it requires a battery. In most of the prism scopes, the CR2 battery is used.


The best prism scope is available in the market and gun shops. You will need to just set your requirements and buy them from the shop. But it will take time to understand what is best for you. When you have finally made your decision, read the reviews. People’s review is a great way to understand your requirements. So read some gun forums on the internet. Read those reviews given by the gun owners and gain an in-depth knowledge about the prism scope. The posts and comments in these gun forums are way better than those customers’ reviews on the website.

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  1. Monstrum? The UTG is 4x has both mil-dot and circle reticle, and is good out to 200- 300 yards, the top 3 are rated at 500-600 yards– wishful thinking.


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